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GeoVect specializes in the conversion of paper or raster maps into vector data for your GIS, CAD or scientific analysis application. Our extensive knowledge of datum, spheroids, projections and data manipulation ensures the highest quality paper / raster to vector conversions available.  

We offer precision data capture of all map forms and drafted
information including:

Engineering Drawings
Topographical Maps
Soil / Flood Maps
Parcel / Tax Maps
Lease Boundaries
Geographical Boundaries

Mechanical Drawings
Architectural Drawings
Watershed Maps
Contour Maps
Stormwater Maps


GeoVect is committed to providing the Highest Quality Raster
to Vector Conversion Services. Our Conversion Service includes:

Free Scanning of Documents
Free Shipping
Competitive Rates
Output to Media of Choice
All Data Confidential
Quick Turnaround

1 Year Backup of Data
Free Online Storage of Data
100% Data Quality Guarantee
Easy Flat Rate Pricing
Corporate Accounts Welcome
Volume Discounts Available

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